3 Tips to Help Your Outbound Sales Team Win More Deals

It takes on avg. 7 contacts to close a website generated lead. In order to keep your outbound sales team on the phone we have three tips.


The S-E-V-E-N-T-H sales call?!”

Yes, it takes on avg. 7 contact attempts to close a digital website generated lead.  In the world of inbound marketing, even with consumers taking more time to research a product or service there is a need for your outbound sales team to contact every prospect up to 7 times, maybe more.  In B2B vs. B2C this varies. As you can imagine in B2C, prospects are harder to get on the phone.  A prospect interested in your service may have provided their home phone number and are at work.  You have no way to contact them at work because they did not supply a cell phone number.

In some sales environments the concept of a seventh sales call might seem like you are harassing a prospect. Research shows as many as 80% of outbound sales agents give up after the third failed contact attempt.

Inside sales best practice developed from our own research shows that as many as 90% of sales are won on the 7th call.  This means any outbound sales environment where agents lose interest, if they haven’t closed after the 3rd call, are missing out on a significant amount of business. In effect, you are likely to be squandering good leads you have paid for and driving up the cost of acquisition.

Here are 3 things that help to make your outbound sales agents more effective at closing out the sale on the 7th sales call (as well as all the others!).

1. Integrate marketing activity to warm up your leads

Warm your leads up with drip email marketing or direct mail. Our research shows only between 13 – 20% of leads are ready to buy when they submit an inbound inquiry. If the first few calls fail to produce the sale, using structured and integrated marketing activity helps to maintain interest and prevent the lead going cold. Full integration of marketing activity helps to further refine lead scoring by determining the level of interest.  This sounds complicated but I promise it is easier than it sounds.  There are so many solutions out there now to help you automate email touch points through the sales life cycle.  If you want specific recommendations you can try Exact Target, Cheetah Mail, or Mail Chimp.

2. Make sure sales agents have the full contact history

Equip your sales agent with the full contact history for each lead, including inbound inquiries, sales calls, marketing activity, responses to marketing and any previous order history or customer service contact. With this profile of each lead at their fingertips, your outbound sales agents maximize the ability to close by having the detailed information to fully explore and understand the needs of each prospect on every call.

3. Don’t let your outbound sales agents get caught without things to say

Cold Callings Scripts help your outbound sales team by giving them an easy to reference foundation.  Outbound sales without the right tools can find themselves caught in an awkward silence, stuck for words, or repeating themselves over and over again. Different prospects may need different handling. Or the call direction may change based on responses to questions. Cold Call Scripts provided for all of your calls can focus the purpose of each call and keep the dialogue moving towards the sale.

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