Start With A Great Landing Page, Then It’s All About Lead Management

ClickPoint lead management solutions ensure you maximize ROI from your investment in lead generation delivered from landing pages.

Lead generation a science expressed as the art of the landing page

The science of lead generation continues to evolve. Many organizations now have the design of webpages to maximize clicks and generate leads down to a fine art. Talented user experience (UX) designers are essential members of any web team.

Some of the techniques and content that need to be considered when making the best performing lead-gen landing pages include:

  • Split testing
  • Clear, strong single calls to action
  • Big buttons positioned high up
  • Compelling proof points
  • Social proof ratings
  • Success stories

But once you have the leads pouring in, you need to make sure that you don’t squander the opportunity to maximize the return. After all, you invested in your landing pages, and the SEO and PPC to pull prospects there in the first place. Now you want to make sure you get the true value back by following up and converting leads as efficiently as possible.

Defining lead management efficiency

But what does ‘efficient’ actually mean when we talk about lead management? Some key points that define lead management efficiency include:

  • A single real-time view of all leads
    • Being able to have an instant, up-to-date view of all prospects in one place
  • Effective lead scoring and distribution
    • Each lead is scored and distributed to the most appropriate sales team or person
  • Speed to contact
    • Calling prospects within 5 minutes is a best practice extrapolated from research data
  • Mobile lead management optimization
    • Delivering leads to mobile sales people for rapid face-to-face follow-up
  • Nurturing leads not quite ready to buy
    • Making sure prospects are called the optimal number of times to convert the sale

Lead management efficiency with a capital ‘E’ from ClickPoint

ClickPoint software automation enables sales operations to get a single real-time view, score and distribute leads. It also offers rapid follow-up with a call center agent or field sales, as well as nurtures leads received from calls, emails and landing pages (company and referral websites). In short, ClickPoint lead management solutions help you to obtain true value from the investment you make in driving traffic to your landing pages and making those pages effective at lead-gen.

Click here to find out why the LeadsCouncil, the online lead generation association, went on the record to say ClickPoint is “an amazing piece of software”.

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