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Increase your ROI with a successful lead management strategy.
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How do sales team increase sales with pull lead distribution?  This is a question we get quite often at ClickPoint Software.  Additionally why does pull tend to work better than push?  First of all pushing leads to agents assumes your agents are self-motivated to work leads without any oversight.  We all know this doesn’t work.

If you expect that you are going to push leads to sales members and they are going to consistently work leads (call and email) the appropriate amount of times you are in for a long ride.

Fact: 90% of sales are made on the 7th contact with a lead

Fact: 80% of sales agents have given up by only the 3rd contact

Question: Given this information do you believe your sales agents are naturally calling the leads your marketing team spends time and lots of money to create?

Fact: Calling and making contact with a lead in the first 5 minutes increases your ability to convert a lead by as much 200% or more.

Question: If you push a lead to a salesperson who is engaged with a client on the phone for as long as an hour, what happens to the lead?  Does your software know that the salesperson is engaged in a conversation, is out to lunch, or has called in sick?

Question: Does your CRM system inform you about the time a lead has been sitting, number of times each lead has been called, ensure leads are served to agents that can actually take the lead?

The truth of the matter is that salespeople need the right tools and the right environment in order to be successful.  A pull based system operates to create the right tools and it fosters the right environment.  Utilizing a lead management solution helps clients from many different industries close 20% more of their leads using proven methods.

First let’s define the methods of lead management and lead distribution:

  1. Automation – No matter if you use Push or Pull leads you generally have the ability to automate lead delivery to your sales teams using the following types of automation:
    1. Round Robin
    2. Percentage
    3. Weight
  1. Criteria – You also have the ability to add criteria which will allow you to set lead assignment based on any of the fields you collect.
    1. Zip Code, State, Country Code, Postal Code
    2. Type of products
      1. i.    Mortgage – Refi Mortgages vs. HELOC
      2. ii.    Insurance – Life vs. Health
  1. Restrictions – Such as callable times, times a lead can be pulled, and number of leads an agent can have at one time also play a role in how effective your strategy can be.

Once you have defined these rules you must watch closely how subtle changes to these rules can make big changes to your ROI.  In order to get the insight into how these changes can affect your results you need very good reporting.

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