Interview With Sylvia Brekke of Phoenix Youth at Risk

Today I am interviewing Sylvia Brekke, of Phoenix Youth at Risk, who tells us something I find to be instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs.


This is Gabriel Buck CEO at ClickPoint Software with my interview series of guests I think can bring value to ClickPoint customers and anyone who reads this blog. I often interview experts in the online marketing industry and successful lead based businesses owners. Today I am interviewing someone who can tell us about something I find to be instrumental in the success of many entrepreneurs.

I am interviewing Sylvia Brekke of Phoenix Youth at Risk. If you are wondering what that has to do with technology or running your own business I will tell you. I believe it is imperative that you have a mentor when you start your own business. I had several mentors and they were instrumental in the success ClickPoint software has enjoyed.

I believe mentoring to a youth also gives you valuable skills in dealing with customers, employees, and a great feeling that will help motivate you while you are starting your business. It will also teach you valuable lessons about resilience, perseverance, and that anything is possible. When you are starting your own business these are lessons you need to weather the storm.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor please call Sylvia.

Sylvia Brekke

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