Leadership is a Response to Environment

In a small technology company it is imperative that leadership comes from the top, but even more essential is an environment for other leaders to emerge.

Have you ever heard that leadership in a company is a lot like a farmer and his garden? The farmer picks the lot, tills the soil, plants the seeds, and then watches as his garden grows. In a small technology company it is imperative that leadership comes from the top but even more essential is that there is an environment for other leaders to emerge.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s to not be intimidated by people that bring something different to the table. The best leaders are not intimidated by other great leaders as the Corporate Communication Training Course with CJM explains. They give them the proper environment and conditions and let the leaders take the company to new heights. This may be difficult for some leaders but it is absolutely essential to any technology start up.

You need other team players to help get your company off the ground and you need a good amount of resilience. I recently planted a garden at home with my wife and thought about this analogy. Watching our vegetables growing before our eyes, it seems so simple to compare it to the leadership analogy. If you don’t provide the conditions for success, the vegetables or leaders wilt and never bring anything to the table.

At ClickPoint we foster the idea that everyone is bringing something to the plate. Everyone is a leader. There isn’t one person that is not leading at any one time. Our tier 2 tech support is leading tier 1 tech support. Tier 1 tech support is leading by example and through their actions to every one of our customers. At ClickPoint Software we know that every customer we interact with is in some way is looking to us to see when we are going mess up and provide bad support. If for some reason we don’t respond to a support ticket or a problem is not handled to the satisfaction of our clients, who do they look to for resolution? It starts with me and passes down through the company. If our tier 1 tech support does not handle a situation with the absolute most integrity guess who is to blame? You are right, not tier 1 tech support. It’s me. If tech support lets a customer down or does not provide the level of support they are accustomed to you can bet I will get involved and e-mail the customer. You have a direct line to me at all times. In fact my extension is 9-01. If you are unsatisfied with our response to your account call me. 

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