Lead Generation and the Provider

Oct 20, 2009 12:00:00 AM

Making the Grade will be my new series that focuses on one online marketing and lead generation company per month.  The purpose of these interviews is to learn from companies that are successful.  I want lead buying customers to know what a solid lead source sounds like without all of the hard sell and hype.  For the first time lead buyers will be able to hear what questions should really be asked of a lead source before doing business with them.  Lead companies will hear what it’s like to run a successful lead company.  You will learn what challenges a lead company faces in the current economic environment and what opportunities are still available.

Our first guest is a ClickPoint Software client of three years.  Paramount Media has been with our company for a long time and over that term we have seen this company do all the right things.  They have a top notch website for the lead buying customers, a great lead management and lead distribution system, great landing pages, and they have a great reputation.  Listen to this interview and find out what it really takes to run a successful lead company.

[audio:http://www.clickpointsoftware.com/blog/media/audio/paramountmedia.mp3|titles=Paramount Media]

Trent Hackney
Paramount Media

Quality Ranking (4.5 stars)
Marketing Method – Exclusive E-Mail Marketing