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Are you tasked with elevating and scaling your sales team? Analyze, coach, and scale your team with real-time sales reporting and management tools

Analyze, Coach, and Scale Your Team with Real-Time Sales Reporting and Management Tools

Are you tasked with elevating and scaling your sales team? ClickPoint will give you the tools to turn your team into a highly efficient, motivated, and accountable sales team. With more time to focus on your team, not on your sales software, you can be the coach that leads your team to victory.

Sales Process Automation

ClickPoint Lead Manager provides tools to help you automate much of the sales process so you can stop managing your software and get back to coaching your team. You’ll be able to set automated lead prioritization, calling hours, lead recycling, call routing, and more.

Better, Multi-Channel Sales Engagement

ClickPoint allows salespeople to do what they do best: communicate with potential customers and focus on making sales, not managing complex software.

ClickPoint is built for high velocity inbound and outbound sales environments across many industries that demand transparency between marketing and sales departments. With the addition of ClickPoint RingResponse™ sales teams can increase lead conversion rates by 2-4X.

Inbound Call Tracking with Intelligent Outbound Dialing

As mentioned above, RingResponse meets the demanding requirements of inside salespeople, enabling them to move quickly from outbound dial campaigns to managing and transferring inbound calls. The performance of inbound calls are tracked from any marketing channel, improving call conversion and lead quality.

RingResponse will ensure every call is prioritized, routed, and answered by a qualified salesperson. Outbound dialing with RingResponse will elevate your sales team enabling them to make more dials, have more meaningful conversations, and surpass their sales targets.

Increased Close Rates

Getting salespeople off the ground fast is a contributing factor to scaling an inside sales team and two things you need to ensure your team is learning quickly on the job is Sales Scripts and Call Recordings. Sales Scripts allows you to design an interactive script to aid new salespeople as they are learning your sales process, while Call Recordings give you valuable insight to help coach them as they learn.

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