How to Segment Your Sales Channels and Configure Your Sales Process

Jan 18, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Do you sell more than one product or service? With ClickPoint you have the flexibility to create multiple sales channels each with their own sales workflow, email nurture campaigns, and lead routing strategies.

Watch the short video with our CEO, Gabe Buck, explaining how to configure Lead Fields and Sales View in ClickPoint:

About our Sales and Lead Management Solutions

A shift has occurred and sales team must evolve with digital trends and customer expectations to stay competitive. Now, more than ever you need solutions that easily integrate to provide you with the tools that can keep you ahead of the competition. The old way of following up with leads will not cut it in the new consumer driven market. More than ever sales and marketing must align in order to make quick adjustments to both lead quantity, quality, and sales process.

ClickPoint Lead Manager™ is a solution that automates much of the sales process, helping salespeople move between inbound and outbound sales calls seamlessly. ClickPoint allows salespeople to do what they do best: communicate with potential customers and focus on making sales, not managing complex software.

ClickPoint is built for high velocity inbound and outbound sales environments across many industries that demand transparency between marketing and sales departments.

With the addition of ClickPoint RingResponse™ sales teams can increase lead conversion rates by 2-4X.