Improve Speed to Lead and Sales Call Efficiency with RingResponse

Voice calling solution that automates much of the sales process, helping sales reps move between inbound and outbound sales calls seamlessly.

As a salesperson, it is critical that you reach as many of your prospects as possible, especially if you are calling into other states or area codes. RingResponse features outbound dialing with click-to-dial, power dial, and prioritized lead dialing. And it works with any phone solution.

RingResponse outbound dialing also includes features like Local Presence and pre-recorded Voice Mail Drops. Be the first to reach every prospect and lead, increasing contact rate by 50% or more, by dialing from local numbers.


The solution allows salespeople build call flows with overflow queues, to ensure every inbound call from web, direct mail, or any source is responded to quickly, and their focus is on making appointments and sales, not managing complex software.

Here are few things to consider:

  • Perhaps you want to purchase local numbers for mostly outbound dialing? Consider which states your company is working for local presence dialing and how you may want to segment your leads across your team.
  • Perhaps you have a combination of receiving inbound calls and conducting outbound dialing?
  • Maybe you have a team of Customer Service Agents which qualify leads and transfers to a pool of available agents?

Voice Solutions for Inside Sales: Calling and Texting

The unique RingResponse methodology has helped national brand call centers like Terminix, TruGreen, American Home Shield, Freedom Mortgage, and Union Bank expand their call center operations.

Inside Sales Software

  • Improve Conversion — Reach customers quickly with the right communication, at the right time with local presence dialing, inbound screen pops, voicemail drops, inbound IVR, and Text SMS.
  • Better Customer Experience — Build call flows with overflow queues, to ensure every inbound call from web, direct mail, or any source is responded to quickly.
  • Drive More ROI from Every Lead — Create calling groups and teams that can use power dialing to quickly call old targets and prospects.

“ClickPoint reduced response time on leads from 30 minutes to less than 5 seconds, helping to convert more leads, increasing productivity by 66%!”

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