Solution Spotlight — Sales Reports and Sales Engagement Analytics

ClickPoint offers intuitive and powerful reports that will help your sales management team make quick decisions.

ClickPoint sales acceleration software gives you the tools to measure the metrics that matter, and offers intuitive and powerful sales reports that will help your team make quick and efficient decisions:

  • Sales Performance — Pinpoint sales performance and understand who qualifies for more leads and calls.
  • Lead Penetration — Ensure every lead is called the optimal amount of times. Uncover gaps in your team performance, lead quantity issues, or staffing needs.
  • Distribution Performance — Find out which distribution strategies like Push, SharkTank, Round Robin, or Shotgun work best for your team.
  • Lead Source Comparison — Discover which lead sources are returning the greatest ROI. Track online, offline, CPC, third-party lead sources, and manage marketing budgets.
  • Scoreboards — Create visual reports that encourage your sales culture. Improve team collaboration and sales camaraderie.
  • Dashboards — Create and share real-time reports with other sales locations and managers.

ClickPoint’s reporting engine feeds three unique report types that will provide transparency critical to the alignment of your marketing and sales team. Each type of reporting solution has a very specific purpose, designed to improve your sales culture by providing real-time results that motivate teams, provide accountability, and allow for collaboration.

1. Scoreboards – Culture

In order to elevate your sales culture you must first reward the activities you want to see in your sales team. With scoreboards sales metrics become goals and milestones the whole team can rally around.

Once you have decided which metrics matter most, Scoreboards will visually do the work for you.

The Scoreboards are custom to display the metrics that matter most to your sales success. The metrics displayed on the Scoreboard will help drive not only a cultural shift in your sales team but drive user adoption as well.

2. Dashboards – Collaboration

Much like Scoreboards, our custom dashboards allow you to create visual tiles that help you understand in real-time how your lead sources and salespeople are performing.

Dashboards are designed to help managers share key metrics with anyone in the company. You can create shared dashboards for multiple branch locations or teams within a branch.

3. Configurable Reports – Analyze Lead Source and User Performance

Out of the box reports built on over a decade of inside sales and call center knowledge. These reports are designed to help you analyze your sales and marketing efforts.

These reports not only help you identify problems but also opportunities.

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