Lead Management: The Value of Organization

The better your lead capturing system is organized, the more efficiently it can perform.

The better your lead capturing system is organized, the more efficiently it can perform.  This rings true in every industry and it’s no different for lead generation and creating and capturing leads.

Whether it’s building out customer profiles or designing a new lead type to bring on new business, organization equates to preparedness.  As a provider of technical support, personally it is much easier to provide support to those that have already organized their requests and changes and are prepared to communicate exactly what they want.  It makes the communication between the two of us that much more fluent.  Below are a couple of suggestions for organizing several aspects of your Lead Distribution system that may help you as you  get started in the lead generation industry.

1.)    Organize Early – Before you begin capturing leads , it’s imperative that you think about the industry that you will be providing leads for.  You need to analyze this carefully because the more you can predict where that industry will go, the better you can equip your lead capturing methods to make your leads maintain their value.  By analyzing what the industry may need down the line, you are able to add that into your lead type as a field sooner and provide that data to your customers.

Tip: Check out other notable landing pages in the industry and ask your customers for a full lead field requirement.  Don’t assume that all of your clients will accept data the same way.  Many companies require fields you may never have thought of.

I have seen both sides of this and the company that researches and prepares before creating their lead type has to make fewer changes to their system further down the line.  Whereas those that simply dive in to it without researching the industry that they will be providing leads for are back several times needing changes to their system in order to capture all of the required data they need to create valuable leads.

2.)    Monitor the reports from your system often – Print or save them and review them monthly, or setup automated distribution.  You can often identify trends in your own system that can prepare you for lows or highs in your business.  We often see that those that use their reports effectively often are less stressed and affected by changes in their industry.   With LeadExec this is made easy for you as a large number of reports are available from the Dashboard, can be created on the fly, or delivered.

Tip: Setup pivot grid reports that are customized to your needs.  A technical support associate at ClickPoint can help you with this.  You get reports that really meet your needs rather than a report that might do the trick.



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