B2B Companies Should Focus Social Media Efforts On LinkedIn

A recent study by HubSpot shows that B2B companies lead generation is a lot stronger on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Best for Lead Gen

Most companies are making strong pushes on Facebook and Twitter to generate leads via the social networks. While those two networks are great for B2C companies, a recent study by HubSpot shows that B2B lead generation is a lot stronger on LinkedIn. Social networks are made for customers, but every social platform isn’t for every company. For instance, B2B companies can’t possibly acquire leads and enhance client acquisition by simply creating a Facebook page or thinking like a publisher using Twitter. While social networks can boost brand awareness, such approach is too casual for a B2B company. A B2B company can’t gauge the efficiency of their social accounts in drawing leads by simply having a presence on Facebook or Twitter.

HubSpot reported that LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%. HubSpot used over 5,000 businesses for the study, and reveals that LinkedIn conversion rate is actually 3 times higher than both Facebook (.77%) and Twitter (.69%). It’s also interesting that LinkedIn’s conversion rate overwhelmed social media as a channel overall. This means that the traffic that came to the business’ websites via social media resulted to a mere .98% conversion rate compare to LinkedIn’s 2.74%. These are surprising figures considering that more businesses are using Facebook’s advertising platform.

I’ve always perceived that Facebook has become a destination-location for brands and consumers. But with LinkedIn, it’s all about being professional and doing straight-up business. Whenever a person spends time on LinkedIn, the focus is always on how to enhance personal branding or increase lead generation. If an intern spends more time than a business on LinkedIn then that business is missing out on a lot. It’s about time your business establish a presence on LinkedIn. In this age of social business, a LinkedIn profile is your business card!

Is your company engaging enough on LinkedIn? Are your current strategies efficient enough to increase lead generation?

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