Lead Distribution Software – Getting Acquainted with LeadExec

Using LeadExec as a lead distribution software, it has been possible to adapt to and connect sources and clients within (and across) numerous industries.


I work in the field of lead distribution, which means I work with many different types of clients. I work with clients in online education, solar, automotive sales, and life insurance, to name a few. The lead distribution industry has an essential place in most fields today. There are different standards and practices within these individual industries – different nomenclatures and terminology are used for what is essentially the same function. In order to help our customers bridge the gap between their affiliates, lead buyers, landing pages, and their buyers, it must be possible to communicate distribution intent effectively regardless of industry. A strong lead distribution system helps facilitate that communication.

Using LeadExec as a lead distribution software, it has been possible to adapt to and connect sources and clients within (and across) numerous industries. One of the first hurdles encountered, almost invariably, is finding common ground strictly in the communication sense. Whether you call it a vertical, account, campaign, or program, a mutual understanding is paramount to success.

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Since I began working with LeadExec, I have seen the extent of the functionality it provides. I have also seen the flexibility inside of the system. The majority of accounts I set up are possible with the tools at hand. Still, there is always someone who does it just differently enough from everyone else that the answer isn't always immediately apparent. One of the most satisfying parts of this line of work is when you finally make that square peg fit into the round hole, even if sometimes it feels like you had to hammer it in place with the hard part of your head. In order to get to that point, there must be a clear understanding of what one hopes to accomplish.   Working towards that goal, time and time again, one thing has become clear to me:

If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid.

Something as simple as drawing a picture to help ensure everyone is on the same page shouldn't be undervalued. I know the saying, "Draw me a picture," almost seems…stupid. When I go home at the end of the day, my four-year-old shows me the picture he drew for me. But the bottom line is; that the more complicated the design, the more important it is for everyone to understand what must be done. I have had Fortune 500 companies draw a picture for me. I don't mean they paid someone to design and stylize a concept map or flowchart; I mean someone took a pencil and paper, drew a picture, scanned and emailed it. I have done the same thing for clients using something as simple as PowerPoint to ensure that things were being done right and done right the first time.

In an industry that values real-time information, with every minute that passes, the intangible conglomeration of values decreases in real-world value. It is necessary to get everyone communicating with one another effectively and as quickly as possible.


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