Lead Management Update from ClickPoint Software

An overview of some of the new features within ClickPoint lead management.

New notifications help sales and call center agents respond to customers instantly

With ClickPoint notifications system you now have the ability to turn your lead management system into a central command unit.  We have built a dynamic notification system that sends push notifications for major events that occur in the lead lifecycle.

Here are some of the major notification types:

New Lead or New Pull Available

  • Your agents will be informed in real-time via email, model window, and are able to pull leads within seconds of them hitting your lead management system.


  • Always be informed and ready for appointments and improve your agents ability to handle lots of appointments.  Additionally with our shared calendars you can easily increase the number of appointments an appointment setter can make for your sales team.

Opened Email

  • Know instantly when a potential lead opens an email.  This tool is extremely valuable and helps your sales team know when to present new material to leads in the nurture process.

With email notifications your sales agents can see how many new leads have been assigned to them and how many emails have been opened.  You can build nurture campaigns and marketing campaigns around open messages and increase your closing ability by as much as 20% or more.

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