How To Use Texting And Email To Improve Prospect Contact Rates

Text message campaigns often achieve 70% better open rates than email. If you aren’t texting your B2C prospects, you might find yourself behind the curve.

Did you know that text message campaigns frequently achieve 70% better open rates than emails? If you aren’t texting your B2C prospects, you might find yourself behind the curve. Don’t worry, there’s still hope.

Email and Text Marketing Graph

First, let’s talk about why texting is so effective. A text message is your opportunity to get your message delivered right into the palm of your buyer’s hand, where they are far more likely to read the entirety of your brief, yet compelling, message. Text messages provide a way for every consumer to easily communicate with your sales team, without pressure and without the feeling they will make an emotional decision.

I fancy myself a natural salesperson. I love to negotiate a good deal and I also know when the deck is stacked. When I buy a new car, I like to do so entirely by text. I never have to negotiate face to face, outnumbered, outgunned, and highly likely to succumb to an emotional decision. I have all the control when I communicate via text, and it gives me some a level of comfort to know I can walk away at any time.

Ok, you now know you have to include texting as part of your omnichannel communication process to ensure you get maximum ROI from your leads. One pitfall you should avoid is providing your salespeople with another piece of software for them to manage. You have two options here, and I will review them both with you.

  1. Use a texting solution that is controlled by you and does not require manual sales intervention. Complexity is the killer of all things right in the world of B2C sales. We see far too often that management takes the easy way out by throwing more software at the problem. Salespeople hate complexity and do not want to manage another piece of software, no matter how cool it is, or how significant the perceived impact is to their wallet. You can control the process of sending text messages and nurturing leads; just ensure your solution can send text replies to a designated team within your company.
  2. Use an all-in-one texting solution that fits into your broader sales lead follow-up process, or an integration. This option is, in my opinion, the best way to go. In fact, ClickPoint is an excellent all-in-one sales solution that allows your salespeople to send and schedule text messages with the push of a button. Your salespeople will need to follow up and have conversations with prospects as they move through the buyer journey. They might have questions, might want to negotiate, or send a picture of their back yard or a pest problem. You need your salespeople to interact via text, with a solution integrated into their leading sales software, not some other application that resides outside of it.

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