Speed to Contact – the Lead Metric of Lead Generation Management

May 28, 2015 12:00:00 AM


A long time ago in a pre-digital world…

Imagine a time before the Internet, email, social media and mobile devices and all the digital stuff we take for granted today. Thirty years ago, if you went on a training course for advertising space with any publishing company of newspapers, magazines or periodicals, a basic scenario was often put to newbies:


Supposing you have a potential sale to one of your accounts, but it breaks down during negotiation. The client gets upset and hangs up. What do you do?

A. Call the potential customer right back


B. Give the client 10 minutes to cool down and then call back

The answer is A. The reason?

If you don’t call back right away the client is going to call a competitor to place the ad, or a competitor is going to get lucky and just happen to call the client and catch them when they are vulnerable. Either way, that ad sale is not coming your way.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

If we fast forward to today, research shows that when it comes to following up leads, the same principle applies.

Call back immediately, or one of your competitors will, or the impatient prospect will call someone else.

Lead management software provides the ability to bring together sales leads submitted through channels such as your website and call centers to be scored and distributed to your sales teams for immediate action.

Speed matters

Whether it’s across call center operations with thousands of agents in regional offices, or a globally represented luxury or franchised brand, lead management provides the actionable data to keep your sales teams acting as quickly as possible to meet the demand of prospects that are keen to make a buying decision.

The best solutions score and distribute leads to the most appropriate sales people in less than 3 minutes. Today’s research shows two facts that support the logic of accelerating callback with a lead management solution:

  • Calling back within 5 minutes increases conversion rates by 200%
  • 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that calls back first

Call back faster with ClickPoint

ClickPoint lets you maximize conversion rates by enabling rapid call back of leads that are distributed according to lead management best practices. Typically, we double call back rates and produce call back times as low as 2.5 minutes, significantly outperforming the best practice figure of 5 minutes.

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