Should I Require Double Opt In for Lead Capture?

With double opt in verification, you provide the highest quality leads and prevent low-quality leads from being sold or given to your sales team.


Double Opt-In provides one of the most compliant lead types.

A double opt-in adds an additional step to the contact opt-in process, requiring a user to verify their email address and confirm interest. A double opt-in sign-up process ensures your lead sources are sending verified and accurate leads. It's also now a requirement in most of Europe. When you buy a lead from a lead source, you never really know if the lead has a legitimate interest. You might be able to get data verification but not intent data. With looming TCPA requirements, double opt-in confirms interest and allows you to display the lead data buyers.

LeadExec improves your lead quality with TCPA certification

Double Opt-In Email

Opt-in confirmation request email

A good double opt-in system is also equipped with customized landing pages that provide flexibility in what information is shown to the consumer and how it's displayed.

Email Validation Thank You

Opt-In Landing Page

Reporting and pivot grid systems provide insight into the results. You can easily see how many emails were sent, leads confirmed, and opt-out responses. Leads are held in a quality control state until an opt-in confirmation is received. Then, they're pushed through to delivery, allowing only fully qualified leads to be delivered to lead buyers and/or locations.

With double opt-in lead verification, you have the power to provide the highest quality leads and prevent low-quality leads from ever being sold or given to your sales team.  If you haven’t implemented a system like this, it’s definitely time to start thinking about it. It's one of the best ways to avoid bad practices that your lead sources might expose you to.

Whether you are in the lead sales business or a lead buyer, double opt-in will protect you and your business from lead fraud.

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