How to Create Leads with Pay Per Click

Our focus today is on Cost Per Click and what a CPC specialist does to create unique leads that have high quality and ROI.

Our focus today is on CPC and what a CPC specialist does to create unique leads that have high quality and ROI.

CPC Definition – Cost Per Click (this is a great way to augment your SEO efforts and create more unique leads.)

To review, there is a set criteria we use in order to decide who we interview. The companies we interview must have a good standing reputation in the industry. We want companies that have a successful model and are willing to share a bit of their success with us in an interview. The purpose of these interviews is to learn from companies that have already put in many hours of hard work to establish themselves as a reputable company. You learn specific marketing methods and the specific companies that utilize them.

On our interview Lead buyers will be able to hear the questions that should really be asked of a lead source before doing business with them. Lead companies will hear what it’s like to run a successful lead company; one that creates their own unique leads. You will learn what challenges a lead company faces in the current economic environment and what opportunities are still available. Tom will be joining us on the call today from Adfuze. Adfuze creates leads using only CPC methods. Adfuze has been very successful in multiple lead verticals and uses the LeadExec lead distribution platform. Their success can be tracked to very specific methods which they use to conduct their day to day marketing operations. If you are at all interested in CPC, have a listen.


Things Adfuze is doing right:
1. Front end website is very professional and clean
2. Great call to action landing pages
3. Long tail CPC targeted keywords
4. Doesn’t take shotgun approach, uses keywords that are truly relevant to your landing page
5. Truly exclusive internet leads

How to keep a visitor on your landing page:
1. Call to action, keep it simple and relevant to your keyword

What to watch out for:
1. Spending caps – make sure they are in place with Google, Yahoo etc.
2. Don’t focus on big keywords like mortgage, this is heavily monitored by competition and you will lose money, also very expensive (try home loan in Toledo Ohio instead)
3. Don’t focus strictly on search engines as primary traffic provider, diversify

What search engines work?
1. Google is the preferred search engine
(Their user interface is very intuitive / easy to use)
2. Bing is up and coming and starting to gain traction and is cheaper, response rates are higher (Their user interface is harder to use for the novice)

Quality Ranking (5 Stars)
Marketing Method – CPC traffic driven to web form

Tom Steinke – Adfuze

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