5 Ways to Make Sure Sales People Stay Engaged

5 ways to make sure sales keeps its mind on the job with ClickPoint lead management solutions.

Keeping sales engaged and motivated

Keeping sales teams motivated is sometimes difficult. Sure, you can incentivize them. You can tweak the reward program or create breaks on the comp plan with better rewards for those with higher conversion rates. But sometimes this isn’t enough. Here’s another way of thinking about it…

1. Prevent sales going to sleep on the job

Provide your sales teams with fresh, hot leads fast, that is in around 2 and a half minutes of when an inquiry is received

2. Stop call center sales taking ‘legendary lunch breaks’

Keep call center sales hungry for sales by giving them quality leads that let them see top-end comp plan rewards as realistic and achievable

3. Stop sales thinking: “I’ve called three times but this one just ain’t buying!”

Use outbound nurturing activity to keep sales working on inquiries from those that are proving stubborn to convert by automating re-contact

4. Stop mobile sales taking a long detour to their favorite lunch spot

Feed mobile salespeople details of eager prospects ready to buy, straight to their mobile devices with one touch calling and turn-by-turn instructions

5. Cure ‘TGI Friday syndrome’ and stop sales knocking off early for the weekend

Keep sales fired up by providing a constant stream of good qualified leads, scored and distributed to the most appropriate team members

Make sure sales keeps its mind on the job with ClickPoint

ClickPoint Lead Management software automation provides the tools you need to keep your sales teams locked in and fully engaged with the job at hand. ClickPoint provides the high quality leads your call center sales teams need to deliver outstanding sales performance.

ClickPoint solutions for mobile deliver the same great lead management information, optimized so field sales can easily put it to use with Apple iPhones and iPads.

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