6 Signs Your Inbound Lead Management Process is Broken

ClickPoint guide shows why automated lead management is superior.

What is inbound Lead Management?  Inbound Lead Management is a combination of software and inbound sales best practices.  The best practices are designed to improve the way inbound leads are distributed, nurtured, and worked through a sales channel.

Lead management is something everyone managing a sales team should understand and implement.  One of the most important questions to resolve is whether your lead management process is working properly.  It can be difficult for sales leaders to say “Even though I’ve designed this method there’s something wrong that I just can’t put my finger on.”

Often the reason you are unable to identify problems with your inbound lead management system is because your process is perfect.  Many sales managers don’t know what they should be looking for to ensure that a complex set of automated processes are working properly. Today, so many business processes are automated. They’ve been made more efficient and streamlined by the use sales automation technology.  With the advance of so much sales technology it becomes difficult to diagnose where the problems might be located.

See inbound lead management through the lens of automation

Our guide ‘6 Signs Your Inbound Lead Management Process is Broken’ identifies some of the inherent problems with manual lead management typically found in traditional CRM systems. If you’re only used to seeing lead management as a manual process, then this guide gives you a clearer view, through the lens of automation.

You’ll see how automated inbound lead management transforms your ability to bring leads together to get a single view, rate and distribute leads to your call center and field sales agents, and the external networks that many use to service customers.

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