ClickPoint New Features: Calendar and Appointment

ClickPoint releases several updates for Sales Exec Calendar and Appointments.  

Overview of updates to Calendar and Appointments

ClickPoint is pleased to release several updates for Sales Exec Calendar and Appointments.  These updates provide greater flexibility in displaying the calendar and makes it easier to understand and control calendar sharing.


This updates Calendar and Appointment in three feature areas:

  • Calendar View
  • Calendar Share and Permissions
  • Appointment and Notifications

Calendar View benefit and features

  • Lets you view each Calendar in the following styles: Day, Work Week, Week and Month and the default is set to display “Day-Today” (the current day of the week)
  • “My Calendar” – Button provides one click navigation back to your calendar
  • Date Picker – Displays a calendar icon and once selected lets you pick the date you’d like to see on the calendar
  • Agenda – Displays a quick view of scheduled Appointments along with the date and time





Calendar Share and Permissions benefit and features

  • Lets you easily see who you’ve shared your calendar with and allows you to control permissions
  • Calendars Shared With You – Displays the name of the person the Calendar is shared with along with a calendar icon
  • Permissions – Lets you select who can view your calendar
  • Request Calendar – Allows for the ability to request the permission to view another agent/users calendar



Appointment and Notifications benefit and features

  • Lets you easily create and edit as well as understand Appointment workflow while also allowing you to display notifications
  • New Appointment – Lets you create a new Appointment and edit it once created
  • Missed – Displays the number of missed Appointments and lets you edit, delete or mark as completed
  • Notifications – Displays an Alert for Notifications for each calendared user on the main tool bar next to Settings





Click the following link for full release notes:

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