ClickPoint New Features: Import Leads

ClickPoint releases import service update making it easier than ever to import leads into ClickPoint.

ClickPoint is pleased to release the latest update for ClickPoint import service.This update makes it easier than ever to import leads into ClickPoint providing benefits for all of our customers.

Leads gathered from other sources such as direct mail activity, third-party systems or manually generated may be brought into ClickPoint and managed alongside other leads already contained in the system.

This update includes step-by-step information on the use of this updated feature:

  • Excel file preparation
  • Import Menu
  • Select mapping Settings
  • Mapping

Import Leads – Excel file preparation

Excel file preparation

  • The field names gathered from your lead source must be included in the file to enable correct mapping during the import processExcel file preparation
  • Be certain your Excel file contains the field names as Row 1 Headers with a Description to aid you in mapping the file
  • Save your Excel file to a location you can upload from (example: Desktop)
  • The file must be mapped to import properly into ClickPoint


Import Leads – Import Menu

Import Menu

  • From the Main Lead Management Screen select the Import Icon located on the menu bar
  • Once Import is selected, the page is directed to the Import Utility
  • Select Choose File, this will direct you to choose the file from the location you saved the file on your computer. Click Open to Choose the File
  • Select Upload File located to the right of Choose File


Import Leads – Select Mapping Settings

Select Mapping Settings

  • Lead Type – Select the Record Type you chose for the Leads
  • Mapping Preset – New Mapping is the first available choice; previous mapping actions are displayed as a list and can also be selected
  • Mapping Description – Simply name the Mapping for future reference if needed again
  • Lead Source – The Lead Source to be applied to the Leads on the file
  • Import To – Import Records to create Leads (Holding Bin has very specific uses if using Direct Mail)
  • Campaign – Always leave this as the default of Auto Select
  • Workflow – If the leads are new leave Auto Select as the default option; if there is a specific Workflow the files must be imported to, select that Workflow; if there are leads to be uploaded into multiple workflows and there is an Excel column identifying the Workflow, this is Mapped on the next page of the Importer
  • Assign To – Select Auto-Distribute to assign leads to Corporate unless Push Distribution is enabled. You can also specify the user when uploading leads; if you have a column in your Excel file identifying the ClickPoint User Name, this is Mapped on the next page of the Importer


Import Leads – Mapping


  • Import Utility proceeds to Map the Columns in your Excel file
  • The Column on the left contains the ClickPoint Fields; the second Column from the left names the Columns from the Excel file being imported
  • ClickPoint Field maps to the Column Header identified in the Excel file; to ensure error-free Mapping it is advisable to duplicate naming – Example: FirstName (ClickPoint Field Name) / FirstName (Excel File Column Header)
  • Map all Field Names to match Excel Column Headers; if there are fields that do not need to be imported select Do Not Import
  • Note – If Do Not Import is not available this field is set as a Required Field in ClickPoint
  • Once all mapping is complete select “Validate Mappings”
  • See full release notes for Validation Screen information


Click the following link for full release notes on the Import Leads to ClickPoint via Excel file (.xls) update:

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