Easy-to-use Call Routing, Yep We Got It!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had an easy-to-use call routing system?

Call Routing
Have you ever wondered what might happen if you had an easy-to-use call routing solution? Well, for one you would be able to increase the amount of leads you capture on your website or landing page. If you have seen some of the existing call flow editors they really make your head hurt and you really can’t make the most use of the system because frankly you need a developer to assist you. These call flows can be quite extensive.


“We wanted to create a system that allowed you to really visualize the process and see how a potential client that was calling your company would step through the entire process”

ClickPoint Chief Architect, Mike Sawyer

Here is what our new call routing solution includes:

Visual Call Flow Designer

  • Visual call flow designer within LeadExec allows a customer to create, edit, and view the call flow of an IVR number easily.
  • This system is intended to make setting up an IVR number or a set of numbers a breeze. Allowing multiple local and toll-free numbers to use the same call flow.

Custom Field Values in the Call Flow

  • Set custom values for certain fields based on the flow of the call is critical in being able to handle complex distribution logic.

Extensive Distribution Logic

  • Call distribution such as round robin, priority, price, weighted, percentage, etc.

Custom Call Results

  • Control the call result text that shows up in the software for reporting.

Manage Local and Toll-Free Numbers

  • The ability to purchase as well as remove local and IVR numbers from the software. A number search screen allows to search by area code.

Broadcast Conferencing

  • For areas with coverage from multiple locations, calls can be sent out to all locations in that area simultaneously. The first location to answer the call is connected with the consumer. This feature can drastically shorten the length of time the consumer is sitting on hold.

Voicemail Integration

  • For calls that go unanswered, the voicemail integration allows the software to take a message, log that recording on the lead in the software, as well as transcribe the voicemail and insert the text into a lead field. Reporting will also be updated with voicemail metrics.

Inbound Lead Verification

  • When a lead is received, a verification call can be initiated. This call can ask questions, verify that the lead is legit, as well as allow the consumer to opt-out. This system can also initiate a live call transfer to an agent or location based on routing rules from questions asked.

Website Analytics Integration

  • Using LeadExec’s website analytics features. A site can plug into LeadExec’s API to generate a visitor key. The site can then display either a local number or toll-free number along with an extension. When the caller calls in from that number they are asked to provide their extension from the page. This extension is then tied to what pages the consumer went to, what search term they used to get there, as well as what referrer directed them to the site.
  • The agent or location that answers the phone can then pull up this information and know what the consumer is interested in even before the consumer tells them.

Direct Mail Integration

  • For direct mail system that drop 1000s of direct mail pieces. This system allows for these items to be uploaded into LeadExec. When a caller calls the local or toll-free number they are asked to provide the article number off the direct mail they received. The call is then tied to that direct mail piece, feeding reports and allowing the software to generate distribution logic off the direct mail piece they called in about.

Direct Call Distribution

  • This system allows you to specify a direct agent or location to send the lead to when a certain question is asked.

Extension Lookup (with Directories)

  • Ability to assign extensions to agents or locations. Once the consumer calls in they are able to enter in this extension to be directed to that agent or location. This system also has the ability to provide a directory of possible extensions.

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