Intelligent Cadence Segmentation for Pest Control Call Centers

To maximize ROI from outbound call centers, companies need to look at how leads can move into multiple campaigns for optimal revenue opportunities.

Segmenting Your Leads by Sales Opportunities

The building blocks for a call center cadence for pest control go well beyond a single calling cadence and must include automation for various pest control segments.

There are a multitude of cadence opportunities across internet lead segments such as win backs, cancels, and upsell in addition to seasonal pest types. Building a properly segmented cadence is critical to successful contact campaigns. 

To maximize ROI from outbound calling campaigns, companies need to look at how leads can move into multiple campaigns for optimal revenue opportunities. For instance, if a customer requests to cancel service, there should be a campaign to salvage that relationship and win back the business. Additionally, a customer may be up for renewal or could be an opportunity to upsell another service.

Thinking about all of the specific segments your company can service is critical. For this reason, ClickPoint has developed best practices and automation that simplify complex follow-up processes to move prospects into these tertiary calling campaigns.

Due to the level of segmentation opportunities, there must be some thought that goes into the assets required for various segment steps. These include emails, pre-recorded voicemails, SMS messages and sales scripts. You want to make sure there are unique sales script for new internet leads for resell opportunities or saving accounts that intend to cancel. Similarly, there should be pre-recorded voicemails for the various call campaigns and SMS texting templates for these instances. Because consumers desire to interact with businesses on their terms, all outreach methods should be thoroughly considered for your calling campaigns.

Types of Outreach for Specific Segments 





Welcome Message – Day 1


Letter from the owner about why your company is the best, provides the best support, is professional, friendly, and reasonable.  Also, let them know you are calling and texting.  

Text SMS – Day 1 


Dear <Customer Name>, some of our clients prefer to communicate via text.  Knowing you most likely have an urgent pest problem, we want to make ourselves available to you via phone, email, or text if you prefer.  Is this your preferred communication?  Yes or No

Mosquito and Other Pest Types Day 1 

Hello <First Name>, this is <agent name> with ACME Pest; I see you reached out to us regarding your <pest type> problem.  Can you provide any additional information to help me provide our technicians with all the information they need?

Great, I will look at our schedule and find a time that works for you; we want to get someone out there as quickly as possible to help with your situation.  

Voicemail Attempt 1

Hello, This is <agent name> with ACME Pest Control.  We are reaching out regarding your inquiry regarding <pest type> at your <address> location.  We have several openings with a professional and qualified technician with experience specifically with <pest type>. Could you please call me back at <agent phone> so we can get you scheduled for a no-obligation quote?  

Mosquitos – How We Solve the Problem 

*You should have one for each type of pest service you provide.  Why is your mosquito treatment effective.    

Text SMS – Day 2

Dear <Customer Name>, We have not heard from you, and we want to be sure that we provide you with the assistance you need to solve your <pest type> problem.  We have technicians in the area and can get someone out right away.  Are you free to talk? 


Voicemail Day 2 

Dear <Customer Name>, I am sorry we have been able to reach you.  Our schedule is filling up for this week, and we want to make sure we get you taken care of.  You can also reply to our text to schedule a convenient time.  

Appointment Reminder 

Remind them about their upcoming appointment and let them know who they will be expecting.  

This fires automatically when an inspection is scheduled. 


As you can see, building effective communication comes down to preparation and planning. It’s critical that an outbound sales manager thoughtfully considers all of the scenarios an agent will encounter. By planning out all communication, you can ensure that it matches the company mission and sales language and then work backward to implement it in your follow-up process. Far too often, we have encountered teams with inconsistent messaging. Suppose this is one of the first interactions a customer will ever have with your company. You can’t afford to miss the mark by not spending enough time to plan out your communications.

Implementing well structured, properly segmented cadences will ensure that you communicate with the right contacts, at the right time, in the right way.

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