SEO How to Get Your Website to Rank Organically

This interview will save you time, money, and provide you with practical advice for helping your website rank organically.

If you own a website you need to listen to this interview. This interview will save you time, money, and will provide you with practical advice for helping your website rank organically. Nathan has been working in the SEO field for many years and provides some simple rules for success. I will recap the components and all of his tips. To hear the interview go to the bottom of the article.

4 Components to successful SEO campaign for your website
1. Keyword research
a. 1-2 main keyword phrases per page
2. Implement the keyword research into your site (on page optimization)
a. (Text on page, header tags, Meta tags, alt tags etc.)
3. Original content
4. Getting other websites to link to that content

Additional Requirements:
Ongoing content is a must. You must keep supplying new and fresh content.

“What are the search engines in business for? They are in business to deliver the most relevant content to their users per their search query. They are looking for new content and websites that are updated. If they come to your site and see that nothing has changed they take more time to visit your site the next time. They are looking for relevancy. How new is this content? Was it updated recently?

Recommended Tools:
1. Google Free Keyword Tool

2. Word Tracker – Software that helps with keyword analysis

3. Website: Blog with lots of tools

4. Finding good developers, writers, and SEO consultant – Get Referrals  

Link Building Tips – Submit your site to main directories (Yahoo and MSN)

1. Contact your associates and business contacts (FREE)
2. Association you’re a member of (FREE)
3. Develop great content (FREE)
4. Guest blogging (FREE)
5. Online press releases
6. Paid Link Builders

Traps to watch out for:
1. Link exchanges
2. Anyone who promises you immediate results (results take time)
3. Make sure you have a referral

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Nathan Hall

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